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MD-390GPSoperation Different ways to update Firmware on DVMega
Raspberry Pi useful Phone Apps Talk Group FREE Mode on a HYTERA Radio via DV
Hytera-How-to-Convert-Old-Codeplugs-for-Newer-Radios Multiple DMR BrandMeister ID Numbers
Hytera can send “Radio Alias” Hytera Code Plug Changer - Hex Edit
How to Turn off KILL/DISABLE on MD380 How to Turn off KILL/DISABLE on CS750
How to Turn off KILL/DISABLE on Hytera 78x  How to Turn off KILL/DISABLE on CS580
How to Turn off KILL/DISABLE on Mototrbo Lock your Phone to a single app – BlueDV
 BlueDv app via Ser2net on Raspberry Pi Lock your Tablet to a single app – BlueDV
BlueDv-aprs-chat  BlueDV Android App locked to Screen
Hytera IP Dispatch Software User Manual Linking to Reflectors
Hytera Receiving Talker Alias Sending APRS Text & Talker Alias
OpenSpot 5000 Command  OpenSpot Turn off Talk Alias
BlueDv Turn off Talk Alias MMDVMhost Turn off Talk Alias
Anytone User Data Base TOT - Radio Timeout Timer
Private Call  Run Two OpenSpots on One GL Router
Anytone D868UV Edit CSV with OpenOffice Anytone AT-D868UV Settings on PiStar
Run BlueDV multiple times on one PC Anytone DMR 868 GPS / APRS
Hotspot Users BER rate  Playing with Pi-Star
Motorola GPS / APRS settings Anytone Analog 878/878plus APRS
Hytera GPS / APRS settings Anytone 878 Sending / Receive Talker Alias
Linking to Gateway Dynamic Talk Groups DMR is like making a phone call
















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