Hotspot Users on Brandmeister
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Section 1

DMR ID You only need one ID number.
For Hotspots take your 7 Dig ID number and add 01, 02, 03 etc to make a 9 dig ID
Two or more Hotspot, they MUST have different FREQUENCIES and Color Code

UK Hotspot Freq for 2019
434.000 Low Power Non-NoV Personal Hot-Spot usage
438.800 Low Power Non-NoV Personal Hot-Spot usage
Simplex use 434.00 or 438.800
Duplex Hotspot TX 438.800 RX 434.000
Pick a CC from 0 to 15
Make sure - Node Type: Private

Talk Groups
TG 2350       UK
TG 2351       Chat 1
TG 2352       Chat 2
TG 2353       Chat 3
TG 2354       Ireland
TG 2355       Scotland
TG 2356       Wales
TG 2359       Kernow
TG 23500     S.West
TG 23510     UK S.East
TG 23520     North West
TG 23540     Ireland Chat
TG 23550     Scotland Chat
TG 23560     North East
TG 23570     Wales Chat
TG 23580     W.Midlands
TG 23590     E.Midlands
TG 23520     YSF - Fusion
TG 23526     Hubnet / Allstar Link
TG 4000       Disconnect

Access Talk Groups on Brandmeister

Full list of Talk Groups

Section 2

Simplex Hotspot – Does not matter if the channel is made up on Slot 1 or 2
You can use Talk Groups by making channels. See info below

Duplex Hotspots – Used the same way you would a repeater on Brandmeister
You use Talk Groups on Slot 1 & Slot 2 by making channels. See info below
Full list of Talk Groups

Section 3

Info - Making Channels

1st you need to add the Talk Group to contacts as a GROUP CALL
(2350 - Group Call)
Make up a channel for each Talk Group you wish to use.
Add each channel to a Zone List.
Turn radio to required ZONE and channel.
Now you can TX in that Talk Group.

TOT (Radio Timeout Timer) Must be set to 180s
3 second pause should be left before you reply.
Admit Criteria/TX Permit Etc = should be Channel Free or Same Color Code - "Never set to Always"

Access Talk Groups on Brandmeister

Section 4

Hotspot Users BER rate

Your BER rate MUST be under 1% when you TX

If not you have packet loss and other RX you as broken up.

Pi-star you need to change your     RXOFFset
BlueDv you need to change            QRG
Openspot you need to run              AutoCal

To find how to make changes Google it.

If using via a mobile phone you should restart your phone before using hotspot.
This way you get the best internet connection.

Section 5

Radio Timeout Timer

TOT (Radio Timeout Timer) Must be set to 180s
3 second pause should be left before you reply.

This is set to 180 seconds so Repeaters, Bridges etc do not time out.

When you talk past 180s and the Repeaters, Bridges etc time out and they stop receiving you.
They think you have stopped your TX and replay back but both sides miss each others QSO.

This also applies if you use a hotspot and the other party is on a Repeater or Bridge.

So please always set your TOT to 180 seconds
A 3 minute maximum QSO is a long over. Also lets others replay back.

There is other reasons for a 180s TOT but I will not get into all of them.

Section 6

4000 Disconnect

Added in contacts
4000 as a Private Call will ONLY disconnect Reflectors
4000 as a Group Call will discontent Reflectors and Talk Groups
4000 will not Disconnect Static Talk Groups

Section 7

SelfCare settings

Set Brand option to Chinese, Motorola etc
Set APRS Callsign to xxxxx-9
Set APRS Icon
APRS Text – Your Name (Joe Smith UK)
If you do not have an account make one up.

APRS Text is also used for Talker Alias
Talker Alias (Your Name) gets displayed on Hytera, MD380 and other radios
without the need of a Data Base in your radio.

More info on sending Talker Alias

Phoenix UK


Phoenix network via hotspots

Phoenix Talk Group / Reflector Layout


Section 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 above apply for Phoenix

MD380 Hacked Firmware
You have two versions on offer
I will just post the Face Book Groups and you can take it from there -












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