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Hardware and Make Account
To receive POCSAG you will need to -
 *** BUY a PAGER ***
MAKE an Account on DAPNET
Pager needs to be on Freq 439.9875MHz

Most Hotspot via Pi-Star can also offer POCSAG
You will need to register as a Personal Hotspot Transmitter


List of rubrics
In the UK you can receive from UK-ALL and ALL rubrics to your pager
The MAX you can have is 7 per pager, plus your ID
rubrics = Groups

UK rubrics            
uk-safe-sw    1011    uk-all
uk-safe-ee    1012    uk-all
uk-safe-em    1013    uk-all
uk-safe-wm    1014    uk-all
uk-safe-yh    1015    uk-all
uk-safe-ne    1016    uk-all
uk-safe-nw    1017    uk-all
uk-safe-wl    1018    uk-all
uk-safe-ni    1019    uk-all
uk-safe-dg    1020    uk-all
uk-safe-ta    1021    uk-all
uk-safe-st    1022    uk-all
uk-safe-gr    1023    uk-all
uk-safe-he    1024    uk-all
uk-safe-os    1025    uk-all
uk-safe-se    1026    uk-all
uknews    1027    uk-all
uk-suffolk    1065    uk-all
uk-sussex    1066    uk-all



Sending Messages via Dapnet Dashboard 

Send messages to a pager via Dapnet Dashboard New Call

Sending messages to a Rubrics Group
You need to be an Admin of a group to send messages.
To become a Admin contact the Rubrics Owners


Brandmeister Messages to POCSAG via DMR Radio

You can send a message to the Brandmeister-POCSAG-gateway with the private contact 262994.

The content of the message has to be structured as followed:

"Callsign message text“, e.g. OE7SRI Hello from Smith

The text message is then forwarded to the RIC, which is connected to that call sign and you get a confirmation
"Hi! Your message to OE7SRI has been sent with your callsign“.

Phoenix UK and DMRplus-IPSC2-Repeaters
Messages to POCSAG

 Same as above but -
You have to send a message to talkgroup 5066 (be aware: NOT private Call!).

(Messages is sent out via ALL group on all networks world wide)


 You can send messages over DMR to each other.
But you have to keep your radio turned on to receive messages.

Now with POCSAG you can send messages to a pager via Dapnet Dashboard New Call or a DMR radio via all networks. (Brandmeister, Phoenix, DMR+, Hotspots)(Cross Network messages)

As long as your pager is within range of the Transmitter or Hotspot running POCSAG.

MB7PBC is 7w out and will have just a smaller footprint than GB7BC at 10w out.
It is meant to cover Brighton more due to the antenna location facing west.
MB7PBH will cover along the same lines as GB7BH but at a lower power.
Between MB7BC and MB7BH we should have a nice coverage for Brighton.

A pager cost around £60 and £65 with charger. Charger is not really required to be honest as you can swap out rechargeable batteries as required.  (You can only charge batteries in the unit with its own charger) 

You can use with your Pi-Star Hotspot that offer POCSAG.
(DVMega needs new firmware when it comes out at a latter date)
I believe at some point you will also be able to send messages via the Pi-Star dashboard when that feature is added.

Will keep you all updated when we have more news.


More info will be added over time










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