Repeater Slot 1  Slot 2 - Default
GB7NF RX only  Talk Group 23510
GB7KD RX only  Talk Group 23510
GB7KB RX only  Talk Group 23510
GB7BN RX only  Talk Group 23510
GB7BH RX only  Talk Group 9 = Ref 4411

 Talk Group 23510 = Reflector 4411

 Download Codeplugs by Ian G0TJH

Slot 1 has a range off Static Talk Groups for you to listen to.

Click on the repeater names above to see what Static Talk Groups each Repeater offers.

If you radio has Promiscuous mode or Digi Moni turn on for Slot 1.
This will let you RX all the Static Talk Groups.
If not. You will need to make up a RX list for a channel on Slot 1.

Slot 2 you can use any Talk Group you wish to talk on.
To talk back on a Talk Group you Received on Slot 1. (example 91)
Turn to the required channel (example 91) in your radio and TX/RX out on Slot 2.
All Talk Groups you wish to talk on, go on Slot 2

If you need more help, you can ask on this Facebook Group.

 Info for GB7BC on this link












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